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New Sales-Area Creation

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Hi All,

As per the business requirement we need to create a new company code & new sales organization .

We need to assign the new Sales organization to the new company code. I need to submit the impact analysis in the existing production system mainly on SD area .If someone could help me on this it will be great helpful for me.

Thanks in advance



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The impact is fairly huge. However, it depends on for what business the company code and sales area is being set up. Some of them that I can list are

I. Master Data

a. Customer Master - New data should be set up or existing ones should be extended or both ?

b. Material Master - New data should be set up or existing ones should be extended or both ?

c. Pricing Condition records - New Records should be set up for pricing and taxes ?

d. Material Determination and listing and exclusion - New Records should be set up ?

e. Customer Material info - New Records should be set up ?

f. Credit control Set up

II. Configuration

a. Whether new document type to be set up?

b. New pricing procedure to be set up?

c. New plants to be created ?

d. New business processes come into picture - like intercompany sales or STO or both?

e. Account determination settings to be done

f. Credit control Set up ?

g. EDI handling if present ?

III. Development

a. Whether New Reports are to be developed or existing ones to be extended ?

b. Whether New Interface needs to be developed or the existing ones have to be modified ?

c. Whether New Conversions object for Master data upload required or existing ones can be used?

d. Whether New Forms to be developed or existing ones can be used ?

e. Whether New Enhancements have to be done or modifications required in the user exits (that are currently being used)

I think these are some of the areas of impact when you plan to create a new sales area and a company code. Hope this helps


Mukund S

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Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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As per concept of Impact Analysis -

Used terms -

KPIs -> Key Performance Indicators

It is a management strategy followed by many well known companies. In this strategy Company will analyze the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) behavior towards new change. In this management strategy we use to take care of interference effect of KPIs on each other, it means impact of KPI's on each others performance. To show this management strategy on mathematic calculation -

Relationships can be defining in between KPIs, can follow quality metrics for the same. By using this approach impact of KPI's on each others performance can be measure.

As we are discussing SD scenario here - please try to identify any case study for your industry then find KPIs for it.

Then on the basis of historical data you can put it into quality matrices.

Please let me know if you can understand this. if any problem then let me know.



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New sales org. or generally sales area is a basic configuration setup. But it has significant consequences that depend on your system setup. Eg. creation/assignment of pricing procedure etc.

One of the watchouts is definitely masterdata, because all the products/customers etc. need to have additional SD views for the new sales area.

Without details of your SD setup it is difficult to provide any precise answer. But usually new company code/sales area is treated as a small project.


Dominik Modrzejewski