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new ROP and max stock levels updation

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HI Gurus,

I need to update ROP and max stock level fields for a bunch of materials (450 materials). and they are not the same values. Is there a way i can do that?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Still MM17 for table MARC is a valid option.

If you have the material number and the new ROP and max stock level in Excel.

Then just copy the 450 material numbers into clipboard and from there into multiple selection at mateail number field.

then have the 2 fields open, make sure the sort sequence in MM17 and in your Excel are equal.

Then copy and paste from Excel to MM17.

It is only possible page wise, but still quicker than you can do with CATT, BDC or LSMW

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Thank you

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