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New output schema & output type for Consignment invoice

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Hi All,

I have copied the standard condition type KONS to create a new one ZONS. Also created a new schema ZR0001 by copying the standard MR0003. Then deleted the KONS and KON6 from ZR0001 and added the new ZONS output type to it.

But now when I execute the MRKO transaction the output that is being triggered is still KONS. In transaction MR91 when I try to take a dropdown to select ZONS I cannot find it there.

Am I missing some configuration of assigning the new schema to ZR0001 to application MR? If yes, where is this done?

Thank you.



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Comparing message determination for purchasing documents with Invoice verification I can see that we assign the message schema to an application  (table T161N), this step is not available in invoice verification.

So you might need to investigate how the schema MR0003 is determined in standard to find the place where you have to exchange MR0003 with ZR0001.

Why is that needed at all?

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Well, I have been investigating since yesterday and it seems that SAP has the schema hard coded somewhere in the code which is surprising!

Anyways, I have been able to add a new output type ZONS (copy of KONS) to MR0003 now and it works.

I wanted to have separate schema and separate condition type for the new implementation, that's all. I don't know how true this is, but some of the senior consultants have told me to always copy everything standard and create a new one. They say that complications can arise at the time of upgrade if standard configured is used. Nobody has been able to tell me exactly what complications though.....