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New GL ledgers & chart of accounts relation

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I have a query relating to New GL.

we have leading ledger and non leading-ledger in New GL...right.

further leading ledger is used at corporate group level for consoldiation and non-leading ledger at each company code level.

my doubt is that we do have group chart of accounts and operatioinal chart of accounts, country chart of accounts to take care these requirements.

how these diff types of chart of accounts and diff kinds of ledgers co-exists in the sap accounting system.

waiting for a comprehensive reply

thanking in advance for having a thought on this.


ep reddy

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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There is no hard and fast rule like leading ledger is for group reporting and non leading ledgers for company code reporting. It all depends upon the reporting requirement. If you do not have any country level special reporting requirement you need not use non leading ledgers at all. Consider the following scenario:

Company code A Currency USD FYV K4

Compnay Code B Currency INR FYV K4 for country specific reporting you have FYV as V3

By default all the psotings will be effected to leading ledger and non leading ledgers. But you require certain country specifc postings for CC B which need not be posted to te leading ledgers. For this purpose you can define non leading ledger and assign the FYV as V3. When the postings are effected all the postings will be made to all the ledgers. If you require country specific postings required, you can post only to that particular non leading ledger. For example forex valuation.

You dont assign any group chart of accounts/ operational chart of accounts to the non leading ledger.

What ever the assingment that you have made to the leading ledger is valid to non leading ledger also.

You define the group chart of account and country chart in the same way as operational chart of account.

However once u define the group chart of account you assign it to the operational chart of account in OB13.

You can assign multiple operational accounts to group chart and group account is at the summarized level generally.

Country chart of account is assigned at the company code level in OB62

The relationship between Country to operational is 1 : 1.

You make the mapping of country chart of account in alternate account number in the operational chart of account.

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Dear SG,

thanks for the information.

my key point was....what is necessity of ledgers when different charts of account taking care of the needs of different level of requirements.

what I understand is that using ledgers we can present financial statements according to different accounting principles....

but whether is it not possible without using these ledgers also..

welcome some more thought on this.


ep reddy

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