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[New-GL] 2 Depreciation areas and posting to 2 GLs.

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Hi Experts

We have recently upgraded to ERP 6.0 FI/AA. We are stil using classic GL.

Does anybody know if we can posts 2 deperication results to 2 GLs (one is leading GL) from 2 depreciation areas?

Someone told me the following comments on 2 depereciation areas in New-GL. Is this true?

"we can only have 1 posting depreciation area, the other one will be for reporting purposes only"



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Answers (1)

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You can configure two depreciation area and can then post to different GLs by assigning the relevant GLs to the respective depreciation area in AO90



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Create depreciation area

01 as 1 Area Posts in Realtime

XX as 2 Area Posts APC and Depreciation on Periodic Basis