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New field in Infty 8 failing on SAP query

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Using PM01, I have enhanced Infotype 8 with a custom amount field. Its very similar to the ansal field in all respects. But when I use the new field in SAP query, it gives a dump.

On analysis of the dump, I found the following discrepancy;

Custom field Z_XXXXXX:

Structure P0008 --- Z_XXXXX --- reference field P0008-ancur

Table PA0008 --- Z_XXXXX -

reference field P0008-ancur

Std. SAP field ANSAL:

Structure P0008 --- ANSAL --- reference field P0008-ancur

Table PA0008 --- ANSAL -

reference field PA0008-ancur

Per SAP help; structure PXXXX for any infotype is used in queries via LDB PNP. When a new query is created it generates and complies the program and uses reference field PA0008-ancur for P0008-Z_XXXXX field. And that's where the problem lies -- the query doesn't like any PA0008 field in it. I have tried regenerating the Infotype via PM01 several times but to no avail. Does anybody know a solution for this? I appreciate all the help.


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Answers (2)

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Hi kshitij,

1. I have enhanced Infotype 8 with a custom amount field

Was that really required ?

2. Probably, (by the functional consultant)

it could have been done, by creating

a new wage type and doing some customizations.

3. Infotype 0008 is VERY VERY IMPORTANT and SENSITIVE.

4. Tampering it can definitely lead to problems

in near future.

5. Please try to avoid such thing in my personal opinion.

6. Or some new infotype or ytable could have

been created for this purpose.


amit m.

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That’s very strange in fact . try to do one thing declare this fields as Additional field in SAP Query and Select data from Pa0008 in to this additional field of same type which you define in p0008-Zxxxxx . Let’s see now dump come or not ?