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New EE subgroup or personnel subarea?

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    We have a req. where we have to start identifying salaried non-exempt employees (in US those are salaried employees that get paid overtime). The current design of the system have mapped in the personnel subarea the unions and the employees with no unions, and in the EE subgroup the classic salaried (FT, PT) and hourly (FT, PT).

  The suggested solution for this project is using a new personnel subarea for those salaried nonexempt, meaning that now they are all under personnel subarea XXXX, and then a new personnel area YYYY called "XXXX non-exempt" should be created and the required employees be transferred there.

  I'm questioning now if this is the best approach, or it would be better create instead a new EE subgroup called "Salaried non-exempt" and then move the required employees there, but keeping their original personnel subarea.

I would appreciate your comments on this,

Thank you very much in advance!

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Friend,

It is better to keep the original Personnel Subarea and create a new EE Subgroup. Thats the whole idea behind EE subgroup meant to distinguish different kind of employees such as intern/hourly paid/trainee , etc

Hope it helps!!



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