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New depreciation Calculation - upgrade

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We are in the upgrade process .

We found one issue while testing ABZO tcode .Updates of the data (anlb-vyear) is not happening .

By debugging we found the below code in the ECC version of FM ANEP_AFARECHNEN

IF lb_use_old_calc IS INITIAL.

so the cursor comes out without updating anlb table(till now noticed not sure what all are not updated) as new depreciation calculation Active .

Any help is appreciated.

Anyone has this kind of problem.


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Answers (2)

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Solved by SAP

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With ABZO you don't change ANLB.

ANLB you change with as02 click 2 times on the drepreciation area and create a new time interfal for your depreciation rule.

For more information have a look in the Asset wiki part. The link you found on the second message in this forum

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Thanks for ur reply, but

anlb-vyear gets updated in 4.7 and it is not happening in ECC as i given the technical reason in my above post why is it not doing so.

see this help for vyear

If this field is still blank at the time of the initial acquisition posting, the system automatically enters the year from the acquisition period in the general part of the master record


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