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New Cash GL for Customer Collection

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Dear All,

I received a requirement from my Client that need to create a new GL to capture a country receipts.
Ex: Earlier they were using 10000 as Common Collection GL to capture Abudhabi and Dubai Receipts. But to segerate the transactions, they want to create a new collection GL to capture only Abudhabi customer receipts.
Regarding this requirement, my findings by checking the common GL 10000,

1. GL 10000 in FS00, has been flagged in Open item management and field status group updated as "Bank accounts Obligatory value"
2. I checked in FBZP and Check deposit rules configuration - 10000 GL was not found. I did checked to find how this GL capture only Dubai and Abudhabi collections

3. Checked in postings (FBL3N) - Most of documents are posted in Document type DZ (F-28), SA (FB50), Manual Clearing (F-03) and reversal entries only.

4. There was no validation set for this GL to consider only the above countries collection amounts.

Kindly clarify how to find this 10000 GL account capturing the 2 countries customer receipts only and how to set a new GL to capture the Abudhabi collections only.

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