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New Account added does not reflect in existing budgets

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If we create a new account after defining the budget scenario and budget; the new account does not reflect in existing budget.

Is it by design like that or it is an application error.

I am on SAP 2007A PL 47.

Thanks in advance.



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In addition to the check box 'Relevant to budget' in chart of accounts as specified by Avatar,you need to select the check box in Financials-Budget setup-Budget,you will be get into Budget scenario definition screen.

Here select the fiscal year,select appropriate gl.

Then Budget scenario setup screen will appear there the checkbox option 'display accounts with no budget',this will dispaly the gl for which buget is not yet set.

Then you need to need to update the values.

Hope this is helpful,also go through this document [Budget Setup in SAP B1|]

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man it is a good document

avtar singh saini

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Thanks for your response....the issue was that You need to open the budget scenario definition screen again to have the account reflected in existing budget in addition to what you have suggested.

Anyway thanks.