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Dear all,

I have created a pricing procedure for services where 70% of the service price should be taken as base for calculation of the service tax. This is working correctly but the problem I am facing is that,

Please find below the way I have done it.

10 ZSER - Service Price

20 ZSE1 - Manual condition type to enter the percentage

30          - Sub-total

As per the above steps the user will enter the price and enter the percentage value,

EX: Step 10 - 100 Rs

               20 - 30%

               30 - It will be 70 Rs (70% OF THE SERVICE PRICE & The tax will be calculated on this value)

Now in the Net Value in the order & Invoice, the net value it is showing as 70, where as I want this to be shown as 100.

Please anyone guide me how to achieve this.

Best Regards


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  If you dont want the manual Service value  to be reflected in the Net value you can mark the manual Service condition type as Statistical in pricing procedure.

so only the service price will be shown in Net Value.


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Hi Siva,

If I am making this condition type as statistical then the value for service tax calculation is not proper.

YPSV    Service Price    100.00

ZPSV    Service Price - 70%    30.000- (This step is statistical)

             Gross Value    70.00

             Discount Amount    0.00

             Net Value for Ser Tax    100

Anyone please guide me on this.



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Hi Anand,

Put AltCTy (Alternative Calculation type) 4 and sub total 1 infront of condition type ZSER.

try this and share the result.


Sandeep SIngh Chauhan

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Hello Sandeep,

I tried it but the result is that, it is showing the value as 0

ZSER you mean service price right?

Best Regards,


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Keeping the 30% of the service tax as statistical is best solution. If you keep it active then Net Value will be 70. You can still manipulate the Net Value as 100 but during Invoicing you will run into issues.

Alternative is Put the tax base as step 30. Then Tax will be calculated with base as 70 and Net Value will be 100.

Take out the Calculation routine from the tax condition and in From column key in 30. This way Tax base will be 70.

Hope this helps