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Net storage bin qty in WM

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Have a requirement to find the net bin qty in WM locations.

At any instance, the stock exists in 91* storage types n addition to the shelved stock say 001.


For storage type 001- stock is say 100

For storage type 914- stock is say 90- (with negative sign).

So net stock for the storage location is 10.

Now the question comes to find by storage bin.

Within storage type 001, stock could be in multiple bins B1, B2 & B3

B1- 25

B2- 55

B3- 20

If a report is to be generated with the net stock, how should the calculation be done?

Out of B1,B2 & B3, which bins to be considered (& by how much), to come out with a net stock by storage bin.

Any thoughts?


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Any report that nets the quantity at storage bin level would just be reading tea leaves.

Don't put any effort in a report like this. Instead educate the people who are working in WM to do their job more accurate. Setup the warehouse monitor LL01 to quickly show activities that are not correctly done.

There should actually be TRs which need to be converted into a TO and executed and confirmed to get rid of the negative stock in 914. The netting has to take place physically and not just in a magic report.