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Net price is missing

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Hello Colleagues,

Ask you for help to resolve the following problem.

during pricing in PO the price for material is determined automatically and the net price is determined.

however the system consider an item as fault (red light) however I still can save document and make GR for PO.

Can you please advise why it happens and how to resolve (sap message no 06215)

Thank you very much

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Answers (7)

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if u see red dot in front of pricing condition i'd say go to analysis and it will tell u why this status message is . one more thing , in pricing generally we use 2 gross price conditions, 1 manual (P001)  and 1 automatic (P000) ,  so please see in m/08 (pricing procedure , that u have maintained requirement type "6" in front of P001.



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Dear Vitaly,

If you red traffic light for condition, it means you have error in your pricing. Please check if you have

two gross price in your PO, if so this means your pricing procedure had been defined wrongly. Normal,

we only have 1 gross price for a PO but not more than 1. Please cross check with SAP standard

pricing so only 1 gross price in your PO.


ian Wong Loke Foong

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Hi ,

It could be possible that System is not able to identify the G/L Account against a specific valuation class assigned to that item. due to which system is showing an error while saving PO.

This can be check in OBYC .

"System is allowing GR inspite of Faulyt item in PO." there could be some possible reasons for this

1) have you done MIGO against the faulty item or for other items which are not faulty

2) Are you doing MIGO via Movement type 101 or 103. If you are using 103 then system will not stop you as no accounting documents gets generated in 103 , thus no error of G/L.

Hope it helps.


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How your NET PRICE in the purchase order determined?

Is NET PRICE in the purchase order calculated as Material Gross Price or NET PRICE in the purchase order calculated as Material Gross Price minus Discount.

Check your MM Pricing Procedure (M/08) and just cross check how price  calculation designed with condition types. Also check condition types involved NET PRICE calculation and check each condition type(M/06) properties.


Biju K

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at which condition do you have a red dot?

run the analysis from the condition tab to see which access is not made and why.

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Are you able to do MIGO without any Error?

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Please Maintain the acount determination

In T Code OBYC

Maintain the transaction key GBB with valuation Class 3000 & enter GL account .