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Net book Value Rs.1

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Hi expert,

I m trying to Post the Depreciation Posting Fiscal year 2014 , existing Dep Key has been changed , i have given as per sap SCN  thread Standard one LINS, changed the same from Dep Key : 1034 to LINS and Given Manual Useful Life say 7 years 6 months. i have also Changed the Depeciation Areas in OBYZ T.code given 01 Book Depreciation line item LINS, one More As Per Income Tax Act Depreciation Areas 15 for Income Tax act.

we are booked based on configuration 01 i.e Book Depreciation, while changing the Deprecaition Keys from OAYZ giving Information Message

After press enter n save it. again i have change the Asset master Data in AS02 give depecitaion key fron existing Dep .Key 1034 to LINS. n given Mannual Usuful Life 7 year 6 months.

while RUN AFAB in Test Mode again Repeat deprecation showing  TEST Run Successful &  A Document was created. but when i go deselect and RUN in Back Ground system not posted the Depreciation .

Through SM37 message:

There are no areas to post to in company code 1234  Message Class : AA Message NO. 690 Message Type S.

Kindly help me .



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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check transaction OAYZ. You have to check depreciation keys all right defined as well as useful life and periods.

Check also folowing note

1942468 - S2I: Depreciation area's Parameter takeover does not work properly

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