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Negative Quotas

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Hi Friends,

I have to configure negative quotas.

For some of the employees they are giving the option to avail the quota of next year also.

Now they want to make sure that system allows to do that, and when they run the quota generation in next year system should give only remaining quota, deducting the quota he has all ready availed.

But currently all the quotas are accrued using time evaluation.

During Quotas Configuration at this step

Define Absence Quota Types

There is option to enter Negative Deduction, will that help me in deducting the quota from the next year ?? or is ther any other configuration needed ?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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How do you calculate the entitlement? By configuration in tables only or schema and rules?

It would be easy to have a small rule that take the remaining balance ( only if negative, in your case) and send it via a time type to reduce the "normal" new one

I can develop if you are interested

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Hi Valerie T.

Thanks for the info, itried that it is working.

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can you tell me how this can be done thru a rule,I know by following the IMG steps

thanks in advance

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