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Negative Postings

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A very basic info reqd. Why Negative Posting is required. Does it remove both the original and clearing transaction or ????

Pls inform me its logic as to what purpose does it serves?



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Hello Vikki,

Use of negative postings: Reverse and adjustment postings can also be marked as negative postings. Negative postings are used to reduce the transaction figures in G/L, customer, and vendor accounts. This allows you to give the transaction figures (following the reversal) the status they would have had without posting the reversed document and its reversal document. This type of reversal is called a negative posting.

Integration: Other applications have to mark reversal transactions that affect Accounting with a checkbox. This obligation to inform is independent of the marking of negative postings in FI and applies to reversals for:

Customer billing documents and credit memos (SD)

Order settlements (CO)

Invoice verification (LO)

Goods movements (MM)

Negative postings give rise to changes in the reconciliation between documents and transaction figures. A debit item marked as a negative posting reduces the credit transaction figures, a credit item correspondingly reduces the debit transaction figures. These changes are considered in the standard reconciliation programs and various standard reports (for example, SAPF070 and RFBELJ00).

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Negative posting will reduce the amount in the same side when we reverse the document. For thsi we have to check negative posting allowed. This is a conifg setteing in SPRO.

Path: Financial accounting/gebneral Ledger Accounting/Business Transaction/Adjustment posting-reversal/Permit negative posting.

The amounts in FI documents are always positive, although there is a negative posting mark. The negative postive doesn't change the debit (S) or credit(H) indicator, it only fills the field XNEG = 'X'.

Negative posting is used in standard reports and programs to change the debit/credit and the sign.

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