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Negative posting issue when clearing.

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Hi all,

I have been checking the SAP global documentation about the Negative posting. I do have all the config points, and it is working properly for Reversal, but it is not doing it correctly for clearing

in the example that SAP provides for negative posting

I do not obtain the negative value on the Credit account.

we create the vendor invoice, and then when doing the partial payment (or total payment) the clearing is created automatically but we do not see the negative posting efect on the vendor account, because the debit does not have the negative entry.

Does someone know where the issue can be?

thanks and regards

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Why do you want to see negative entry while clearing vendor account.

negative entry means vendor has -1000 balance and you post = +1000 on same side reducing vendor transaction figure to 0. that is total transactions done with vendor = 0. which is not true if you are clearing it with outgoing payment.

When you will do vendor evaluation it will be incorrect as it will say 0 procurement from vendor and 0 sum paid to vendor. and vendor account will be having nothing.

Negative posting should only be used in case of reversal i.e. entering of incorrect data, which you do not want to increase transaction figures, to avoid incosistencies in various business analysis techniques like credit management.

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Hi Singh,

My understanding is like yours, the point is that it seems i do not clearly understand the negative posting for clearing in SAP.

what i undestand for clearing negative posting is if i do have an invoice with 100 and a debit memo for 80 then, if i clear those invoice,  in my balance i must not have 80/100, i should only have 0/20

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In this case 2 things hold.

1. Partial payment : both 80 and 100 will remain as open item and transaction figure will be 80(open item debit balance)/100(open item credit balance) and balance 20.

2. Residual payment: 80 and 100 will be cleared and will come as cleared doc and another doc with credit 20 will be posted as open item in vendor account. Thus open item balance will be 20 and you will not see 80(cleared item) and 100(cleared item) in open items.

Both these do not involve negative postings.

Important to understand is term : 1. transaction figure 2. balance

transaction figure must be 80/100 while balance will always be 20 in any case.

No relevance here of negative posting.

Check FK10N and you will see transaction figures in first two columns and Balance separately.