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need your help about the new product!

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dear all:

recently,my company will produce new product ,so i need to configure about it in

the sap r3 system.

our new product:

1.the routing of the new product is different from the old.

2.every production step of the new product will use the different machine&labor&workshop from the old product.

our accountant department need:

1.the new product need to be costing all alone.

my methods are :

1.create the new work center tp produce the new product.

2.create the new cost center hook the work center created by step 1 to collect the expense of the new product.

my questions are: my method doable?

2.what should i do to carry out my method?

3.what should i do for the new product's splitting (tcode is kss2)?

i need help .thank you !

best regards!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Zhao,

When you are doing a new product, the following steps need to be followed

1) Create New Materials ( Finished Product & Rawmaterials & Sub assemblies Etc)

2) Create Bill of Material

3) If you are using the existing work centers(Machines which are being used for manufacturing other products) there is no need of creating new work centers you can use the existing workcenters. If you are using the completely new resources then you need to create new work centers. If you want capture the cost of additional activities at each workcenter you need to create the new activity type and standard value key, define formulas perameters, formulas and assign to activity types.

4) Create routing and mention the workcenters and provide the standard values to estimate the planned cost and also for scheduling purpose.

5) after that you can follow the normal procedure of descrete mftg.

6) Actual cost will be captured during the execution of the production order.

If useful give me points.



Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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thanks a lot for upstairs friends.

i will make testing in my system follow you said,

if is these any question i will consult with you .

i don't know is it necessary to do some configure in the co or fi module.

thank you .

best regards!

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In addition, during BOM creation, use BOM usage '6' for a costing BOM.This can only be used for costing purpose.Based on this you can carry out further costing calculation for the costing approval process.

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1. Create material master consult with FI, SD MM for respective view of materail master i.e configured this materil all module pont of view

2. Create work center

3. Demand cost center for this work center from FI

4.Create routing i.e new methodology for producing ur new product

5.Create BOM for the same.

6. If required create production vesrion in MM01

7. Maintain all MRP parameter in MM01 of MRP view



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This can be done.

What you mentioned is correct.

You need to create a new work center and routing.

You also maintain Activity costto capture the cost in KP26(for the new cost center and activity type.



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Dear Mr.Zhao,

1.Create the material using MM01,

2.Create its own BOM ,new work center assigned with a new cost centre,routing.

3.carryout the rollup & release using CK40N.