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Need to remove fixed asset upload

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We uploaded approximately 500 assets.  The Asset Manager retired some of the assets then realized the depreciation was not correct on the upload.  We cancelled the retirement and tried to undo the upload, but get the error "postings for the assets have already been created".  What can we do to remove the Assets so that we can correct the depreciation and re-upload the file?



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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This is normal system definition, you cannot undo import if transactions are posted for the assets

Retirement (wite off) doesn't mean that an asset has been cancelled, but that the Net book value has been lost as an expense. It behaves the same way in Business One for items, you can not remove the item if transactions were posted, even if the balance in quantity and inventory value has become 0.00

If you do the retirement you have to do it having as posting date the first day of the fiscal year selected for the import,

If you wnat that the posting created by the retirement not influencing balances of GL accounts, you would have to reverse/cancel the posting created by that retirement

Then you will have to repeat the last depreciation run and check if depreciation has been readjusted

so whatever depreciation was posted from the assets retired is readjusted

I cannot provide any workaround,

Please do test first in back up and compare balances of GL accounts involved with a back up before you tried to import for the first time

Is good advice to import the assets in batches so you have more margin , this query would help, in that case at least find if there is any batch of import that you could remove because the assets were not used in transactions or depreciation run




T0.U_IMpID,T0.U_AsstNum from

[@BA_MDIM2] T0



T0.U_AsstNum NOT IN (select T1.U_Account from [@BA_ODOC3] T1




T0.U_AsstNum NOT IN (select T2.U_AsstNum from [@BA_ODRN3] T2


Jose Antonio Castillo

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