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Need to make field RQEVA-SGTXT01 required when using QA11 and QA12

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Hello everyone,

Our Quality department is using QE51N for results recording, once the results have been recorded, the go into QA11 to make a usage decision.  If the usage decision is "Rejected" they then go into the "Inspection Lot Stock" tab and select the "VMENGE To Scrap" function and apply it to all HUs.  It is at this point, they would like to enter a reason code and an reason text.

We are on ECC 6.0 eph4.

I have done the following...

I went into OMJJ (for movement type 553) because the HUs are on "Q" hold at this point.  I selected "+" in the Control Reason field to make it required.  Under the "Field Selection (Enjoy)" I have made GRUND and SGTXT required.  I have also entered a "Reason for Movement" code (0001-Failed Incoming Inspc.).

I also went to OQFA in module pool SAPMQEVA and flagged the fields GRUND and RQEVA-SGTXT01 as required.

However, when the Quality people select the "to scrap" option and press the "save" button.  The program just completes, it does not require a text entry anywhere and I do not see where it should be entered.  There are usually some special comments that need to be recorded, so they want to use this field.

If I go to MB51, I do see the reason code.  But we need to see the text behind it as well, which should show up in MB51 under MSEG-SGTXT.

Question 1:  How / where do we enter text into the RQEVA-SGTXT01 field, and how do we make it required (can not save without entry)?

Question 2:  How do we get it the RQEVA-SGTXT01 to also be displayed in MSEG-SGTXT?

Thanks in advance for your help. it will be greatly appreciated.


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I think if you want to use the scrap field then field will be RQEVA-SGTXT02 inplace of RQEVA-SGTXT01.

Just changed your text field RQEVA-SGTXT01. So, I think your problem will be resolved.



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Hello Sandip,

I changed the flag in OQFA from requiring RQEVA-SGTXT01 to RQEVA-SGTXT02.  It still did not work.

I did notice that when I release the HUs in QA11 to "unrestricted" (via movement type 321) the text pops-up for entry.

But when I scrap the HUs in QA11 (via movement type 553) the text still does not pop-up for entry.

Both of the movement types in OMJJ have the "GRUND" and the "SGTXT" fields marked as required.

Any further thoughts on this?