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Need to know the Customer which has not yet made any Transcation

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Hi experts

Am having around 25000 Customers in my System,

in which only some are Active and having transaction

now  i need to clean up my system, for that i need a query, which shows me

the List of Customers who has not yet done any transactions till now so that i can remove it from the system

Am using sap 9.1 Version


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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this query will help you in identifying the customer with 0 balance.

SELECT T0.[CardCode], T0.[CardName], T0.[CardType], T0.[Balance] FROM OCRD T0 where t0.cardtype = 'C' AND T0.BALANCE = 0

the below query will help u in identifying the customers who don't   have any  journal transactions.

select cardcode, cardname from ocrd where cardcode not in(

select c.cardcode  from jdt1 b

inner join ocrd c on b.shortname = c.cardcode) and cardtype = 'C'



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other than OJDT, u will also need to check ORDR table,

select cardcode, cardname from ocrd where cardcode not in(

select distinct b.cardcode  from ORDR b

) and cardtype = 'C'

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I love the query above for identifying customer with no journal transactions.  How can I include a date range for this?

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