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Need to know how to find out the Variant associated with a background job

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Plz help me in finding out how to find the variant associated with a background job. I need to know which variant does the program picks up when it runs the scheduled background job. There are so many variants that exist. How do I figure out which one is being picked up by the program. When I go and see into the job that are already finished it shows the parameter as "&00000000645354" which I do not understand what it corresponds to. I was expecting a variant name instead of this number in the parameter field. Is there a way I can find out the name of teh variant the program is using automatically in the background job ??

Thanks in anticipation

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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you'll see a variant name only when the job was created by tcode sm36

If the report was started in background by SE38 /SA38 - it could be started with and without a variant

hope that helps


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Yes it is possible which is variant, input fields are choosen

- go to SM37 and locate the background job which was processed using proper selection criteria

- select the Job and click on 'Step' button availabe in the screen

- the new screen is 'step list overview'. now, place the cursor on selected variant avaialble on the screen, then from Menu >> Goto>> variant

which gives the list of input values.

hope this helps



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