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Need help in installing SAP ECC6 EHP7 on SAP HANA

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Dear All

This is my first project on SAP HANA DB.

Specs of HANA machine are

512 GB of RAM

16 core x 2 processor

Now to use HANA DB in SAP ECC6 EHP7

I want help in defining mount point and size in GB for each mount point.

Here we have 32 GB of RAM.

/usr/sap/                         5GB

/usr/sap/PRD                 15GB

/usr/sap/trans/               30GB

for /sapmnt/ we usually assign 10GB but with HANA some suggestion are

AppServer RAM x 2 which is 64GB

HANA_Server RAM x2 which is 1TB.

where to go.

Any suggestion or Advice or link to right material will be great help.

Thanks in Advance.



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Answers (1)

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In general

/hana/data -> 3* RAM Size

/hana/log - > 1* RAM Size

/hana/shared -> 1* RAM size