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Need clarification for licensing for internationally split SAP B1 installs

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Hi Experts,

Here is the situations. A SAP B1 installations that supports two countries namely China and USA and hosted in Europe has performance.

If the above is moved to USA and split the SAP B1 into two databases. One serving China and other serving USA.

With the above background the questions are:

1.  Licensing issue : If the original SAP B1 database is split into two databases which means two servers for SAP B1, will SAP B1 servers need to hit the same licensing server? in order to keep all original licenses available to both the SAP B1 users?

2. Since the hardware keys have changed due to system and database split, can they hit the same licensing server? Or do we need to create two different licensing servers? Does that mean, the licenses will be doubled? and the client need to purchase more licenses?

3. Could you please provide me with possible answers for both 8.82 and 9.0 SAP B1s.

Thank you.


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Hi Syed,

The answer is no. The license file will only be available to one server, not two. Additional license is needed just like new.