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Nakisa New Custom Table

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Hi Experts,

My requirement is to add new table details with 2 columns in the Organizational Details Part.  Below are the steps i made with no luck.

1 ) Enhance the structure /NAKISA/OC_OU_DETAIL.

     Add new table in the Table tab.

2 ) Update the RFC Parameters in the Data Center.

     The newly declared table is visible in the Exported Tables

3 ) Create new Linked Detail.

     Create linked detail and insert the table as section listing.

4 ) Restart the App Server

5 ) Validated the RFC trace and newly added table was populated

6 ) Validated the CDS logs but no errors were captured

Did i miss a step or configuration? Only the table columns were visible but not the contents.

Please suggest a trace or log where i can check the errors in the detail designer part.

Thanks for answering my query and god bless.

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Hi Nathaniel.

Your approach sounds very logical and you've checked the appropriate logs so I'd suggest as a next step looking at the XSL for the details panel to verify that there are variable entries defined for the table cells that you can match back to your extracted data.  If everything is showing fine in AdminConsole in terms of design then I'd be looking at what's been generated.



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Hi Stephen,

Thank you for your reply. What i missed was the mapping of parameters in the detail designer part of the configuration.