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mySAP 2005 - QM Module - QE51N - Partial Lot UD Follow Up Actions Failing

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I am currently working on a project involving an upgrade from SAP 4.5B to mySAP 2005.

This is applicable to the Quality Management module.

Here is our situation:

We deal with partial lots / inspection points.

Whenever we record results for each partial lot and valuate, a follow up action is supposed to execute.

The Partial Lot Pop up box appears as expected from SAP standard functionality (During results recording in QE51N) and the partial lot valuation shows as well as the follow up action that is supposed to execute.

But the follow up action is not executing for the partial lots.

We also have another follow up action that executes after a Usage Decision is made on the overall Inspection Lot and that executes.

So i'm not sure if it a mySAP issue.

We performed this testing using the QE51N transaction.

We used QE51, and the partial lot follow up actions are executing so not sure what is happening in QE51N.

Can anyone please help?

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Answers (2)

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If it is executing with QE51 and not with QE51N thn I would suggest you raise a customer message with SAP. Might be a note need to be applied. That would be better. May be you have already done this.



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Where have you maintained the follow up function ? Is there any error or is it that nothing is happening ?



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Hi Ram,

Selected Sets (QS55):

- Firstly I have defined Catalog type 3 selected sets for usage decisions.

- Within the selected set I have Accept / Reject codes defined with appropriate

follow up actions.

IMG Config:

Quality Management --> Inspection Planning --> General --> Define Identifier for Inspection Points.

In that area, i have my default valuations set where all characteristics are accepted or when one is rejected.


Quality Management --> Quality Inspection --> Inspection Lot Completion --> Define Follow-Up Actions

I have defined follow up actions here and my follow up functions are set to "Usage decision for partial lot"


I believe all settings are correct since we upgraded our 4.5B SAP test box to mySAP 2005 and overall things were maintained.

So not too sure what is happening.


No error occurs. The partial lot follow up action doesn't even execute in QE51N.

I went into the code of the function and set a temporary breakpoint there to pause execution.

in QE51N, nothing happened so I could tell the follow up action wasn't even executed.

in QE51 however, the follow up action executed and the break point kicked in execution paused with a debug session.