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My addon is disconnected on the server

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I wrote a vb6 addon for SBO SP1 patch 12. All was working ok until we upgraded the customer to a later patch version.

All the workstations are fine but for some reason the server tries to load my addon but then disconnects.

We have loaded the new diapi and deleted the SM_OBS_DLL folder in the temp folder.

I am not surre why it would only be a problem on the server.

Can any one suggest anything please ?

Regards Andy

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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<addon> has been disconnected are often related to some kind of permission that are not set correctly or some requirement for the add-on that is missing (a dll-file ect.)... A firewall or Antivirus program can sometimes also affect the add-on

AFAIK there are not any log that tell you more why the error occurs... sorry

My most common reason to get the error:

- Running addons on Citrix (Permissions)

- Wrong Read/Write access to the executables path (Permission)

- Running a add-on from a previous version of SAP on a new version (SBO2004 addon on a SBO2005)

- Wrong references in the code to the DI-API

- Early patchlevelse of a new version (SDK-bugs)

- Missing updates to .Net Framework 2.0 (Only happend once when .Net 2.0 was new)

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Hi Rasmus

Thanks for your suggestions, I will give them a go

Regards Andy

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