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MX - Electronic Accounting Version 1.3 (Contabilidad Electrónica México 2017)

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Hi SAP Experts.

I recently notice, there will be change for MX electronic accounting; (as Electronic Accounting 1.3); march 30 2017

The biggest challenge now is that the transfer and check nodes are now mandatory for the next scenarios:

a) banks payable (currently available)

b) banks receivable (new)

From the time I am writing this post no update has been announce on SAP notes.

So may we need to check our current bank statement customizing, master data and so on accounts receivable side.

As far I know there is no equivalent for REGUH / REGUP for account receivable.

Further more, no "bank reference number" operation field is available (this will be used on the Electronic Invoicing 3.3 within the Payment Receivable node 1.0)

Take precautions!

I will appreciate your comments, to enrich this post and face this challenging change

Other notes:

Some History from the current version 2016

Version 1.1

Current Standard Solution (the SAP "text field" solution)

Main SAP Note: 2042663

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Just updating this discussion:

We have stay tune on SAP note:

2041490 - FAQ of Mexico's Electronic Accounting

Current SAP notes are:

2436044 - Mexico e-Accounting new version 1.3
2501539 - Mexico e-Accounting new version 1.3 DDIC

Even though SAT has warned about this new electronic accounting version (1.3) last year; they never annouces the starting date:

SAT release on october 1st the xchema version 1.3 without warning, so take into consideration to be delivered on your productive sysetm as soon as possible (remember 25 last day to submit your electronic accounting files)

Changes to 1.3

  • Amount field length increased to 22,2.
  • Field "VERSION" is now 1.3 instead of 1.1.
  • Field "NUMERO TRAMITE" (Process Number) is now 14 characters instead of numeric of 10.
  • XML file namespace, where it was defined: 1_1, now has to be 1_3.
  • Prefix 'http://' is appended in the XML header.

Although some particularities has changed such as schquemas, please remember SAP standard version has their limits.

- There is only 1:1 Folio Fiscal : Invoice Document.

- Only AP/AR are take into consideration (no other journal entries will have UUID).

- The nodes for electronic transfers or checks depends on fill the REGUH tables (so no details for accounts receivable are available).

- Auxiliary for journal entries is out of the SAP scope.

- See SAP notes for details and stay tune.

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Hello Fernando.

One question, did you implemented 2436044? or this is only a guide and at the end is only necessary to implement 2501539?

The solution in 2436044 only states:Implement the SAP Note 2501539(Mexico e-Accounting new version 1.3 DDIC) in your system and then apply code correction from this SAP Note.