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Mvt Types 107 & 108 in ECC6.0 Release

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What the significance of new Mvt Types 107 & 108?

107 is for Valuated GR Blocked stock. What scenario this Mvt Type is useful?

As accounting takes place during this Mvt, shall we post Invoice after this Mvt w/o doing 109?

Please clarify me any body

Thanks in advance.


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Functional Description

The following new movement types are available in inventory management:

107: Goods receipt to valuated goods receipt blocked stock

109: Goods receipt from valuated goods receipt blocked stock

Business Benefits

You can use these two new movement types for an acceptance at origin (origin acceptance). You can maintain movement types in customizing for inventory management through the activity copy/change movement types.

Movement Type 107: GR Blocked valuatedstock means , when you do the GR with movement type 107 it will posted under Plant and the value of the goods will be considerd/increased for that Plant. But the stock will be under Blocked Stock..It will not be used all other purpose till you do the transfer psting from Blocked to unresticted.

Movement Type 108 is the reversal of 107.