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MV45AFZZ user exit perform for VBKD/VBEP/VBAP/VBAK gets called multiple times

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Hi ,

Currently i am working on Create/change Sales order User Exit MV45AFZZ where i need to add some logic based on some condition like Check SAP Global variable which gets cleared at some point of time.

i was writing code in form userexit_move_field_to_vbkd, there i noticed if i change some fields then this perform gets triggered multiple times in place of just once and this is creating problem for me ,because i am using one global variable which gets cleared before it comes for last time in the perform,so my check fails and code gets executed .

somehow i managed to handle the situation,but i am curious why it gets triggered multiple times in place of just one.i am ok if it triggered for number of times to the line number in sales order,but that's not the case .it is getting triggered more than that.

This is not the case with userexit_move_field_to_vbkd ,issue with other also like userexit_move_field_to_vbak,userexit_move_field_to_vbap,userexit_move_field_to_vbep.

if anybody has any idea ,please share your knowledge ,it will be very helpful for future.



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