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Multiple VAT condition on traderpass excise amount

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I would like to post MIRO where traderpass excise is included.I have done all the process of genrating GRN till posting excise duty. My tax code contains two VAT conditions i.e. 4% & 1% it is calulating VAT 1% on excise amount but 4% VAT is calculating only on basic value

Kindly suggest


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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This seems to be 4% VAT & 1% additional tax rate & base for these two is same.

Whether you have created new condition for this 1% rate other than JVRD,JVRN,JVCD,JVCN?

If yes, then check in Classify Conditions types, which description you have assigned.

If you have created new condition,then probably you have to check the routine for the same.



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Hi Piiyush

Thank you very much for your reply

My problme is resolved. I have assigned different condition name for VAT 1%.

Thanks again


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