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Multiple validate events generated for a new matrix

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I have added a new tab to the item master form which has a matrix grid on it.

This works fine until I attempt to move to the previous or next record whilst the new tab is visible.

What happens then is that every column on every line of the matrix causes a validate event to be triggered, it even triggers the event for hidden columns.

This is really affecting my form and I cannot understand why so many events are generated, does anyone have any odeas?

I am not sure if it is relevant but I have noticed that when moving through the data a click event is generated on item 41 within the item master form but i am not certain what this item is - could it be the "Move data" button from the toolbar?

Gordon Wood

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Hi ...

I would try putting a BubbleEvent = False at a certain point in the event to cancel further execution.

You could also use the iteration of If pval.InnerEvent = True to catch and further execution, like this

CASE et_Validate

If pval.InnerEvent = True Then BubbleEvent = False

hope it helps