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Multiple Sales locations for a Business Partner

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I need to have multiple sales locations for the same Business Partner, is it possible within SAP Business one?

The Business Partner have several locations of sales and we need to delivers & have a service level with that locations.

Thanks for help,

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Answers (4)

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Depending on your need, you may set them up as primary BP for BP AAA. All LOS would be child BP consolidated by delivery. However, it may be much easier if you set them up as ship to address for BP AAA. Sound like BP AAA will pay for all LOS.



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Hi - Does the head office pay the invoiced for all sales offices? If so then you can use Consolidating Business Partner.

Set up the HQ as the parent and as many Child BPs as you like. All invoices get rolled up to the Parent BP. We have several customers like this, one has over 100 child BPs.

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Hi Fernando

I am assuming that multiple ship to addresses is not sufficient. Could you give more details on what these sales locations are.

The best option might be to use sub accounts.

Kind regards

Peter Juby

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Thanks for your reply.

I need the have each LOS ( Location of sale or location of delivery) of Business Partner because we will deliver items for the LOS and not for BP.

As we also need to control (serial numbers) items & services ( field management) I also need to have the LOS as BP.

As example:

BP name AAA have 30 LOS.

BP AAA bought 2000 items.

BP AAA ask us to old theses items in warehouse.

BP AAA request to delivery a x quantity in LOS 1, 2,3,4,...

The invoice went to BP AAA, but the deliveries will be to each LOS of BP AAA.

As I said we need to have the field services working side-by-side with serials numbers and services for each LOS of our BP AAA.

So, we have subcustomers from big customer BP AAA.

Do we have any way of having all subcustomers(LOS) as BP, along with the real customer AAA?

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Fernando...

You can create multiple address for the same Business Partner...