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Multiple PO output layout

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I have a working SAP MM system. Purchase orders are printed using sapscript.

I have a new requirement for an additional PO layout. So, the PO processing will be done in the same plant, company code, etc, but the layout should be different for some materials. I need your advices regarding how to differentiate these materials (I have low MM customising knoledge).

Should I define a new purchasing organisation, new message type, new order type...etc. ?

Can you describe me step by step what should I do to configure this new layout? The creation of new sapscript is not a problem.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Marisca,

You can set all customizing in TCODE NACE and 'fine-tune' in: SPRO -> Material Management -> Purchasing -> Messages ->Output control -> Message types -> Define for PO.

Create entries by copying everything from the output you already have.

The diference will be in the table for the acess sequence. Here entry a new field for material or material group (for you to create the new differentiation scheme).

Start exploring and copying the NACE entries and then come again to the forum.

In NACE use application 'EF' and explore the 4 menu buttons.


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