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multiple plant to vendor assignment is possible in stock transfer b/w diff CC?

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HI All,

Vendor and plant combination is unique then how how come i assign the same plant details in inter company stock transfer in between three plants

I have assign the supplying plants a & b to  vendor 1 & can i assign the same to others?

Please explain the same



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You are on the wrong path.

a suppying plant is represented by a vendor master. hence you assign the supplying plant to your vendor master.

you do not establish the relation ship between ordering and shipping plant in your vendor master.

This relation ship is done in the purchase order. And in customizing you define whether it is a one-step or 2-step process between the plants.

so each plant gets it own vendor master. the company code view of this vendor master has to be maintained for each ordering company.the purchasing organisation view for each ordering purchasing organisation.

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Thanks Jurgen.I have done sto between 3 company codes/3 plants.  GI,GR working with 643,101 mvt types.

what are the points/testing I need to check whether i have configured correct or not?

I have check below points

1.mvty ype is correct

2.account entries-GI-inv acc & consum acc

                                 GR-Inv acc & grir clr acc




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