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Multiple Planned Orders Converted to Single Purchase Req

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Hi All:

Is anyone aware of a way to convert multiple planned orders to a single purchase req, via standard process or exit?

So say there are ten items to be ordered. Currently, ten planned orders are being converted into ten purchase requsitions even though all the planned orders may be for the same vendor.

Is it possible to set it up in SAP that all planned orders for the one vendor are converted into one purchase requisition instead of getting a one for one planned order to Purchase requistion? From the example above, can it be set it up that those 10 planned orders are converted into the one requistion for that vendor with all 10 items on the one requisition?

Thanks for any input you may offer!

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Conversion of Multiple planned order to single Purchase requisition is not possible.

But you can have a single Pur.Req for Multiple requirements.

you can do this by:

1. Individual/collective indicator "2" collective requirements in MRP 4 view of the Header Material so that you will get your dependent requirements clubbed together.

2. Period Lot sizing : Daily/weekly/monthly Lot size so that system will club the entire period requirements and propose a single lot.

Or refer this link also,

[Assign Multiple Planned Order to a Purchase Requisition|]



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i think there sono option,

better use Collective requiremtn or create PRs and make 1 PO for both (if vendor is same)


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Hello Nic,

What is the lot size your using while planning? If you are using lot for lot(EX) then system would generate multiple planned orders( PR's for externally procured materials). On the other hand if you use lot size MB(monthly) or WB ( weekly) system would 1 planned order for the month( or week) on the vendor.

This would avoid multiple PR's to the same vendor. Also remember even if you have multiple PR's for 1 vendor, you can still convert those PR's into 1 PO with mutiple line items( 1 line item for each PR).

Hope this helps.Else please come back.