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Multiple Order Linking with One PR

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Hi Experts,

Is there any way where i can link Multiple Maintenance Order in one PR.This i need to track the services against each order through one PR PO.



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HI kavya

For your requirement you can creatre PR/PO independently with account assignment category F. After wards you create maint. order as per requirement & assign services from this PO to any operation by changing the control key to PM03 but change the reservation/purchase requisition indicator to never manually so that it doesnt trigger any PR from maint.order. after changing the control key, you select the operation & click external button below you will get service selection in which you select exter nal services from F4 list (you can select from the PO) & qty also. By this you will get planned cost of external service. Then you do service entry in ML81N with reference to PO & give maint order no & cost will flow to maint.order. You can link to multiple maint order by this. You consume external services of single PO in multiple maint. order.