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Multiple material entry in single notification QM01

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We have a requirement wherein we need to enter multiple materials in single notification. Currently the standard screen of QM01 allows only single material entry. Please help in finding a solution for this.



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Hi Satya,

Putting multiple materials in single notification as header material is not possible. In fact how will you separate out material wise defects , coding causes, tasks and other information if you go with multiple materials.

The materials which you put under items tab cannot be treated as header materials. Rather these are the materials which are used as child parts associated with header materials which constitute bill of material. The purpose of these materials is to identify which child part attached to parent part id defective.

If the multiple materials you meant are child parts, you may proceed with these fields.

If time saving is your intention then you may develop the BDC for notification creation with selected filed. Prepare data file in excel / text and upload as you upload master data.


Anand Rao