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Multiple inbound deliveries for single PO

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HI Guys

I have a PO with 10 line items and all are belongs to HUM Storage locs

And output medium for that PO is ALE

Another external SAP system sends a outbound idocs to our system and it creates inbound idoc here

The problem is Here

we are receiving Inbound idoc which will create in bound delivery

Inbound delivery number should be unique for all line items

But here it is creating and giving single number in sequence for all PO items

We need single inbound delivery number

Is there any control for that any where to prevent multiple inbound delivery numbers??

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Check the delivery dates & plant and storage location are same for all the line items.If different system crete each inbound delivery for each item.

if all the line items has same delivery date ,plant & storage location,then ask vendor to send the data into single IDOC.this will crete single inbound delivery

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