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Multiple Fiscal year for one Company coed

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My client want two balance sheet for one Fiscal year Apr to March and other is for Oct to Sep we required Special Purpose Ledger can some body let me know the configuration of it and how can I check report of it



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Hello Tjcars,

In the application component Special Purpose Ledger, you can define ledgers for reporting purposes. You can keep these user-defined ledgers as general ledgers or subsidiary ledgers with various account assignment objects. Account assignment objects can either be SAP dimensions from various applications (such as account, cost center, business area, profit center) or customer-defined dimensions (such as region) .

The Special Purpose Ledger allows you to report at various levels using the values from the various application components. The modules in the Special Purpose Ledger allow you to collect or combine information, and create totals. You can also modify, assess, and distribute actual and plan values that are transferred from other SAP applications or external systems to the Special Purpose Ledger.

Using the Special Purpose Ledger has no effect on the functions of other SAP applications.


Using the Special Purpose Ledger has the following advantages:

Flexible database structures with additional fields

You can create your own database tables and define non-standard dimensions (such as valuation area) that meet your business needs. This enables you to combine and total information for each account assignment combination at the desired level of detail.

Selective data retrieval

Data flow is flexible in the Special Purpose Ledger. With the assignment of transactions to specific company code/ledger or company/ledger combinations, you decide which ledgers are to be updated by the data created. You can further limit the number of ledgers that are updated by entering ledger selection criteria.

Adjustment postings

In the Special Purpose Ledger you can make adjustment postings. For example, you can post data to various versions. Adjustment postings are useful for valuating currencies, for example.

Alternative charts of accounts

You can use various charts of accounts in the Special Purpose Ledger (operating, group, and country-specific charts of accounts).

Alternative fiscal year with various fiscal year variants

In the Special Purpose Ledger, you can define your own posting periods. You define posting periods that you then use to define the fiscal calendar, the fiscal year, and the posting periods within that fiscal year.

If you define your own posting periods, you could then create weekly or monthly reports, for example.

Specific modifications for data creation

If you want to ensure that the Special Purpose Ledger receives only valid data, you can use validations and substitutions to check and substitute data at the time it is entered.

Totaled line items from other applications

With the broad range of functions provided by the Special Purpose Ledger, you can total, modify, assess, or distribute actual and plan data from SAP and external applications.

SAP reporting

You can use the Special Purpose Ledger to evaluate data from various SAP applications and organizational units and report on this information.


The Special Purpose Ledger (FI-SL) is a receiver system to which data created in other SAP applications is sent. It is not a sender system for other SAP applications.

Please use the link for more details.

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