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Multiple files from single dmee/pmt method. File split by amount

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hello everyone. we have one payment method for transfer in local currency. This payment methos is configured to one dmee. The bank requirement is for the payment batches into three files. Each for the followings.

File 1 : file which contain pmt amount < 10,000

File 2 : file contains payment amount of 10,000 to 999999.99

File 3 : file contains payment amount of > 1million

Example: in one payment run, there are payments to three vendors. Vendor A,B and C. Payment amount to vendor A is 150.00 . Pmt amount to vendor B is 12,000.50 . Where as pmt amount to vendor C is 1.3 million

Therefore, the dmee should create 3 files.

Appreciate kind feedback

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