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Multiple equipments in a single cycle plan with different dates

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Dear Experts,

30 equipments, one each to be scheduled on a single date, covering 30 days. (30 orders one order each day)

Is it possible with a single plan?


Jogeswara Rao

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Answers (2)

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Jogeswara Rao,

I think this is not possible in std. SAP. But you may try this, I am not sure whether works or not, never tried before:

Create the maintenance plan for one Equp and enter the list of other equipments in Object list. Then use an Exit (find an appropriate one in SMOD or take ABAPer help, for ex: IPRM0004 - Maintenance Plan/Item: Customer Checks at "SAVE" or search for BADI / Enhancement points etc...) to create orders for each equipment separately.

I am not sure whether these orders will be visible in IP24 or in other reports, but you may have to redesign entire maintenance plan processing, like scheduling etc...

Experts may have comment on this.


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In this case too i hope it wont schedule for each day of the month for each 30 equipments. Its nothing but ONE plan holds 30 items. I hope there is a need of 30 plans with date of calling as 1,2,3,....30. Any experts found other option, i am pleasure to upgrade my knowledge too.


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in the plan i think you can assign Multiple maintenance item.