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Multiple emails to single vendor

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We are sending payment advice to vendor via. email. E mail id's are stored in vendor master. But our issue is that when we store more than one id in the vendor master, e mail is sent only to one id and not to all the id's in the vendor master.

For sending email to vendor, we are using the following function module:


The above function module is given in open FI transactions. (FIBF). This picks up only one id even though multiple e-mail id's are there in the vendor master. Can you suggest some other functional module which can pick up multiple id's.



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Unfortunately it is not possible to send the payment advice to multiple addresses. Due to the below mentioned source code annexure.

In Include RFFORI06:

prepare mail, finaa-intad is converted to up_recipient:

perform mail_vorbereiten using ld_user finaa-intad

changing up_sender up_recipient.


create mail, mail is created by SAPScript:

call function 'OPEN_FORM'


archive_index = toa_dara

archive_params = arc_params

form = hlp_formular

device = up_device

language = t001-spras

options = itcpo

dialog = flg_dialog

mail_sender = up_sender

mail_recipient = up_recipient "<<<<< ONLY ONE RECIPIENT