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Multiple cash discount GLs in OBXI

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Dear Gurus,

Is it possible to maintain multiple Cash Discounts GL accounts in OBXI for cash discounts granted.

We have a requirement where different cash discount accounts are being used depending upon customer location.

When i explored currently OBXI allows me to maintain single GL account however, activating tax code will enable me to maintain GL accounts.

But wanted to know the impacts on activating this check box? will there be any tax impacts or pre-requisites?

Thanks for valuable inputs.



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Answers (2)

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Introducing a tax code definitely seems like an overkill in this case. Tax codes are not  to be used lightly. You'll have to make sure their set up is done properly and consistently. You'd have to build derivation rules for tax codes to be populated or train users to input them.

I think you can build a substitution to replace the default GL account based on location.

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Hi, Chris.

From the tax calculation viewpoint there is no impacts or pre-requisits.

But, you need to check if this will solve your requirement as desired.


Without Tax code flag activation you have only one account (and the same) for all documents posted from customers.

With flag activation you will be able to set different accounts based on different tax codes from documents.

Example:  if the document has tax code V1 -> account A, if tax code V2 -> account B, and so on.

After activation (if ou choose), take care to input one account for each tax code available to avoid a message error while postings. Without activation, one single account works fine for all cases, but after activation the system will require an account for each tax code (can be the same or different accounts).

And also verify the use of tax code for your country and if it fits against your user requirement.

For instance: if you use tax code at country level or at region level and your user requires diferent account at state level (as you wrote: "upon customer location") -- the flag activation will not have the effect you want as a result.

Best regards,

NIlton Duque.