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Multiple calls Generated on same date due to multiple calls for same Maintenance Plan

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Hello Experts,

Please help me with this situation, Multiple Inspection Maint. Orders are generated on the same date. which is 24.12.2022

Last call was generated on 16.12.2022 and No call were generated on 17 to 23 of december

  • no counters ,
  • no strategies
  • No Measuring document

are assined to the task list & Maintenance Plans.

  1. Back ground job was re scheduled recently on 01.12.2022
  2. IP30 used
  3. Checked back ground jobs and spool list logs for these no calls dates but log shows the calls were generated and the job was executed sucessfully

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Hi Shashank,

The most likely reason is that the system was not able to generate the calls on specific dates, with disturbances from Task List, Technical object also the one mentioned by Oscar. You can also check if you get some clues from the scheduling algorithm.