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Multiple Batches to be created in Single GR

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Dear All,

Please have a look at my problem.

I have ordered for 10 Pieces of a Material.

The Material is batch managed.

Now during GR, the requirement is such that GR should be done in Multiple Batches which is same as Vendor Batches.

Like if the vendor has sent Material in 3 Batches of 3, 5, 2 Quantities,

then during GR... i must also take in 3, 5, 2 quantities in Single GR in multiple Batches.

Is there any way to achieve this? ? ?

I have suggested them multiple GRs... Am i correct or is there any way i can achieve this.


Jyotsna Loomba

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Try this.

1. Goto Tcode MIGO with your PO number and do the GR for 3 quantities and give the batch mentioned by the vendor. Dont process check and post

2. Again go the PO reference field and give the same PO number and do the second GR for the 5 quantties with the different batch number

3. Then finally do fot the 3 rd GR.

4. With three line items in GR, check and post the transaction.

It will generate only 1 Material document number.