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Multiple Assets with single documet number

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Hi Experts,

Need to Post Multiple assets with Single Customer with Single Invoice. Unfortunate there is no SD module and while postng in F-92, The below error message.

Partial retirement or transfer of prior-yr acquis. not possible

Message no. AA378


You tried to post a retirement or transfer, based on quantity or percentage, to asset acquisitions from prior years on asset 104500000000 0. However, the system could not find any values.


Post the retirement using a transaction type for current-year acquisitions, if the asset has values at all. If the asset does not have any values, you can only post a complete retirement. You cannot post a transfer.

Thanks Regards,


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The error is getting because there are no values in prior years in the asset you trying to retire and you have selected the transaction type that is related to retirement of prior year acquisitions. Please check whether the asset has balances and if balances are there then change the transaction type to retirement of current year acquisition.


B. Radhika.