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multi-level variant configured assembly’s BOM Explosion issue

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Dear Experts,

I have multi-level VC (variant configured) assembly’s BOM Explosion issue. I have gone through the below threads but not able to find the perfect solutions.

My scenario is same as per the above thread, but here I am not using the phantom assembly. Instead of that I am using VC assembly with class type 300 and strategy 25.I am using strategy 25 for the VC header and its VC sub assemblys. Since both are saleable and in house manufactured materials.

Here is the Hierarchy

VC Material (KMAT) -- "KMAT-603"---BOM level 0

VC Material (KMAT) -- "PH-300"-----BOM Level 1

VC Material (KMAT) -- "PH-301" BOM Level 1

Raw Components -- "RAW 1" & "RAW 2"-----BOM Level 2

Raw Components -- "RAW 3" & "RAW 4" BOM Level 2

1. KMAT-603 – ZCLASS1-300 with char PH-Variant profile1-Super BOM.Create local dependency for components PH-300 & PH-301.The dependency code with selection condition is PH = 'PH-300' for component PH300 and PH = 'PH-301' for component PH-301

2. PH-300- ZCLASS2-300with Char RT, PC and SM – Variant profile2-Super BOM. Create local dependency for components RAW1 & RAW 2.The dependency code with selection condition is $ROOT.RT = 'LP'AND PC = '12B'AND SM = 'MG'for component RAW1 and for RAW2 is $ROOT.RT = 'LP'AND PC = '12B'AND SM = 'MM'

3. PH-301- (ZCLASS3-300 with Char RT, PC and SM) – Variant profile3-Super BOM. Create local dependency for components RAW3 & RAW4.The dependency code with selection condition is $ROOT.RT = 'LP'AND PC = '12B'AND SM = 'MA' for component RAW3 and for RAW4 is $ROOT.RT = 'LP'AND PC = '12B'AND SM = 'MA'

4. Raw Components -- "RAW 1" & "RAW 2" with dependency in BOM header material PH-300.

5. Raw Components -- "RAW 3" & "RAW 4" with dependency in BOM header material PH-301

Issue Facing

Now when I create the sales order or check configuration in T code CU50 for VC component assembly i.e. PH-300 and PH301 with Char value its selecting the components as per the requirement. But when I check the same thing for the header VC material i.e. KMAT-603 its only selecting the 1st level i.e. PH-300 as per the dependency logic but could not able to explode the level 2 of RAW 1 or RAW 2 and so on based on characteristics value assignment of PH-300(It is exploding to PH-300).I could see only till PH-300.

Expected Solution

What should I do to explode the all levels of BOM including the VC assembly 0, 1 and 2 levels?

The BOM explosion should happen like this




Can anyone help me with this multi BOM explosion issue for VC material assembly. I think the dependecy logic which I am using is not working fine. Thanks in advance.


Swapnil Rajane

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Dear Experts,

Awaiting for your valuable feedback.


Swapnil Rajane

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Hi ,

Please check your config profile, BOM Explosion selected as "Multilevel".



Kumar Semmalai

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Hi Kumar,

Thanks for your feedback.Yes I have tick the multilevel BOM explosion in header as well as the assembly.

I have mentioned below some doubts while reading the document in the link shared by you.

1.The header material appears as a sales order item. If the BOM contains further sales-relevant items, these are included as sub-items. The characteristic values assigned to the header material and the subordinate configurable materials are saved.

Doubt - Didn't understand what is mean by sub-items and what and where needs to be included in it.

2.Class items can be replaced by one component (not several).

Doubt - What is class item and how to replace it by one component.


Swapnil Rajane

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