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MSS Reporting iview error

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Hi All,

we are implementing ESS and MSS on ECC 6.0 as backend and Portal 7.0

the patch levels and SP are all correctly applied and there is no mismatch in them.

The problem is with reporting iview in MSS ,when we open the reporting iview it shows the list of reports from the standard senario "RPTO" correctly, after selecting a report it shows the employees and ask to select employee, after selecting, when we click on "show report" button it is asking for login id and password and not accepting the ECC system credentials and shows error "Login failed"

The error details shows the system and client it was trying to connet and there it is showing the wrong client.

It is trying to connet to a differtent client than the acctual one in backend system,the client we are using is 400 but it is trying to connect to 500 client of the backend system and moreover 500 client does not exist in backend system and thus failed.

All the application are working fine in ESS and MSS,except reports.

we have also checked all the JCo connection and there settings are maintained properly .

SSO is also working fine,as rest all the screen in ESS and MSS are correct.

we have not made any changes to the standard reporting configuration in backend and in portal both.

where can we check how this reporting screen is trying to connect to a wrong client.

how to correct it??

Please suggest.

Thank you,



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Answers (3)

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Issue was that the system in the reporting IAC iview was not the maintained correctly.

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yes it can be checking multiples systems, please check which system you are trying to connect

run PWPC_RPT_START_REPORT_TEST in backend for these reports

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This is due to the backend login to ECC which is not working

WorkSet Reporting:



LaunchPad Reporting:



HCM Reporting:



ensure you are using RPto only for mSS reports

check steps here

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Hi ,

Thanks for the reply,

But i have checked all the setting they are fine.

we are using the standard RPTO senario.

and the backend login is also working fine.i am able to login to backend system with it also,

the issue is when after selecting a Employee from list in the launchpad for reports and click on the "Report Result" button,it ask for user id and password and does not accept the password as it is trying to connect to 500 client where as the backend client is 400 .

do we need to maintian some settings for Reports other that JCo?

The list of Jco the we have maintained are as below-




















All the JCo connection are mapped to 400 client and SSO connectivity is also working fine.

Thank you,