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dear gurus,

can anybody help me for following

1.) i am going to maintain min. / max stock for indirect material. &

reorder level

2) i want to run the mrp for the same at every night at back ground.

3) which procedure i should use.

whether anyhave implmented it any where?

thanks in advance.

suhas inamdar

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Dear suhas inamdar,

you need to set back ground MRP for this purpose

Plz find the below steps

Scheduling Background Jobs for MRP

Transaction code : MDBT

click Create Variant button (specified a variant name and click continue).

Then fill in the following fields :-

Scope of Planning : Optional (refer to Note if you want to specify a plant grouping)

Plant : Your company Plant

Processing Key : NETCH

Create PUrchase Req. : 1

Schedule lines : 1

Create MRP lists : 1

Planning mode : 1

Scheduling : 1

Planning date : default date

Click the Back button and you will be prompt Save Values.

Type in a Description and click the Save button.

After creating the variant, park your cursor at the variant and click the Schedule job button.

Fill in the Date and Time value.

Click Schedule periodically and you are prompt to choose the period.

Click the Create button and you are done.

To check, you can click the Show Scheduling button.

Note :

Define Scope of Planning for Total Planning in 'OM0E'.

1. Choose New entries.

2. Enter a key and a description for the scope of planning that you would like to define. Save your entries.

3. Select the scope of planning and choose Sequence of plants/MRP areas.

4. Choose new entries and enter the plants or the MRP areas in the sequence in which they are to be planned.

The counter determines the sequence.

5. Save your entries.



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thanks a lot . i succeded in running the same.

but i got following problems.

1. i want to run the mrp for stipulated mrp controller.

i.e. for for my plant GP01 i got 4 mrp controller

where mrp1 have PD

mrp 2 have vb

mrp 3 have v2

mrp 4 have v2

i run the mrp , it took all the controllers .

i want only to run vb & v2.

how to make it.

pl. confirm

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Take the help from ABAPER there is standard user exit for this you can restrict as per the MRP controller.



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could you confirm the standard user exit so that i can hasten .



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You can use user exit M61X0001 for running MRP with MRP controller.

You need to use table MARC-DISPO field in this user exit

Revert back if you need any further help.



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Dear Suhas,

For that you need to activate user exit or Running Via MRP Controller

user exit : M61X0001

Plz provide this user exit to ur Abaper


Plz refer the below link []

Plz make a practice of closing the threads

plz don't misunderstand


Madhu kumar

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